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Complete seamless interoperability
h J R
Yes and robust, comète, seamless interoperability rather than data silos and incompatible EHRs. ONC did a great job working to fix this but much more work to do. And the burden is now on HIT vendors to do their part and support the effort.
h J R
@FowkesB @PanMass Congrats on your PMC ride. Better than last year reimagined and a good first step to a full PMC. My 37th. $42 mil and counting
h J R
@ScottGottliebMD Thank you everyone for these most humerus explanations.
h J R
@CraigJoseph What value should the EHR deliver? Better patient care. Patient safety. Cost savings. Better medical research. How can we do this with closed systems? Profit and responsibility are not mutually exclusive.
h J R

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Foreword – John Halamka, MD, MS

Introduction – The Hippocratic Code

Preface – The Road to RHIT

Part I – Thinking about Healthcare

1   Current State of Worldwide Healthcare
Great Events in Healthcare History
Beatriz de Faria-Leao, MD, PhD, Brazil

2   Healthcare IT: The Digital Conumdrum
A Brief History of Computers in Healthcare
Gareth Sherlock, United Kingdom

3   The Management Change
Open Notes, a Change Management Tool
Thomas M Koulopoulos, United States

4   A CAT Scan of Today’s Healthcare Business
What the Healthcare World Needs NOW
David Shulkin, MD, United States

Part II – Transforming Today’s Healthcare with Revolutionary HIT

5   Implementing Revolutionary HIT Change: The Chaiken Methodology
The Chaiken Methodology as a Mathematical Expression
John Glaser, PhD, United States

6   Transforming Today’s Healthcare with HIT: Systems Thinking
Systems Analysis and Design
Paul Barach, MD, MPH, United States

7   A Revolutionary Process
The Patient in the Chaiken RHIT Methodology
Ahmed Zakiuddin, MD, Saudi Arabia

8 Transformational Outcomes
Ancient Knowledge versus Intelligent Machines
David Nash, MD, MBA, United States

Part III – Applied Change Management

9   Applied Change Management: From Stand-Alone
Processes to Integrated Workflow
When in Crisis Mode, Follow the Data
Ron Wyatt, MD, United States

10   Applied Change Management and Clinical Workflow
Lawrence Leonard Weed (1923–2017)
Joseph Restuccia, PhD, MPH, United States

11   Applied Change Management and the Clinician
An Interview with “M,” a Pre-Med Student
Trent Rosenbloom, MD, MPH, United States

12   Applied Change Management and the Patient
A Patient Centered Workflow
André Van Zundert, MD, PhD, Australia

Part IV – Revolutionary HIT

13   You Say You Want a HIT Revolution
Elon Musk: The Electric Entrepreneur
Carlos Joel Formiga Xavier, Brazil

14   RHIT and Interoperability
Recent Trends in Interoperability
Don Rucker, MD, Unites States

15   RHIT and Quality
The Trials and Tribulations of the Director of the National Institutes of Health
Aziz Sheikh, OBE, MBBS, MSc, MD, United Kingdom

16   RHIT and Access
A Revolution on the Roads
Tiffani J. Bright, PhD, United States

17   RHIT and Outcome
The Call to Care
Karen Murphy, PhD, United States

Part V – True Twenty-First-Century Healthcare

18   Healthcare Economics and Interoperability: The Bottom Line
Billy Bean Had It Right
Priyanka Grover, MBA, Singapore

19   The Connected, Adaptive Healthcare Organization
“Only Connect”